Nine-year chapter - SandBay Entertainment
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Nine-year chapter

Comfort.  Who doesn’t love it?  The feeling of a warm blanket on a cold day, sitting on a comfy couch, getting spooned by your significant other (although, I have to admit, I don’t really know that feeling).  These are all things that make people smile.

For me, there was one “comfort” that was actually weighing me down.  When you’re too comfortable at your job and no longer feel challenged or pushed to do more.  When you know the next move coming up before it happens.  These feelings were weighing heavy on my mind.  Three months ago, I was granted an opportunity to join an incredible team, to challenge myself to a new world of production and to grow in the medium.  Who doesn’t want that, right?  I’ll tell you who, comfort.  Damn you comfort!  Making me feel so good and warm.

I take so much pride in where I came from and now I’m excited with where I’m going.  The opportunity to join the SandBay team has been incredible and I already feel like my passion has returned.  I’m learning new things, working with new awesome crew members and I’m being able to explore a whole new world – cue Aladdin’s song here.

I’m so glad I took that leap and look forward to what the future holds and I hope that you’ll be joining us on this epic ride.

And a special note to Sarah and Han.  Thank you for the chance and I can’t wait for the production world to see what we’ve got!

And to all you awesome readers.  Don’t forget to take that leap.



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