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Roll playback on 2019

When I playback this past year, one word comes to mind: gratitude.  I’m still trying to understand how the year flew by so quickly, but to be at SandBay, working on the productions and prospects that we have, I am so grateful for the spotlights that have shined this year.

We’ve built new relationships, and deepened existing ones. Our productions have provided purpose and fostered change.  I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this, but I am so excited to be part of the team.

With each step I’ve taken this year, I’ve been granted new experiences, new challenges, and formed new cherished relationships with wonderful clients and crew who have collaborated with us and allowed us to flourish in so many creative ways.

From the shores of the Pacific capturing wildlife for Canada’s iconic Hinterland Who’s Who brand to the rural artistic seclusion on the set of Dave Cooper’s first live action film in Quebec, I have experienced some magical moments this year. Whether crafting stories around education and equality for justice warriors like Egale Canada, Aga Khan Foundation Canada, and Wabano, to capturing the indomitable spirit of Carleton University and the species-saving work of the trusted Canadian Wildlife Federation, this has definitely been a year that has shone a giant Arrimax on all the values I hold dear. We even had the opportunity to reunite with our amazing friends at Banfield and Anthony Seck to produce another national PSA for Public Safety Canada to keep people informed on the dangers of Drug Induced Driving. I also had the chance to dive into the world of our trusted collaborators at Know History to share their incredible work culture with the world. And I could go on. Apologies to those clients and friends and projects I may have missed – my mind is awash and a bit of a blur with a year filled with so many memories and experiences.


As the lights begin to dim and the cameras cut on 2019, I look forward to setting up the scene and rolling on 2020 as we tackle new productions, new challenges, continue to build relationships, and grow as people and creators.

2019, it’s been real! 2020, lookout, we’re coming for ya!

Much love, A.





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