SandBay Entertainment | When was the last time you did something for the first time?
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When was the last time you did something for the first time?

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Today, apparently.

We are a motion picture storytelling company, so we are champions of all things visual. A certain cast of light, the way a shadow falls off a background, how a wardrobe choice makes a set of eyes come alive, how a subtle push toward an actor in a scene can cause a deeper connection to the moment. We make our living thinking about these things, so why so shy to write about it?

Well, 63% of Canadians hate blogs.¹ That’s a lot of double-double chugging, Beavertail-eating people to continue to offend, but why not! Let ‘blog’ no longer be a four-letter word to be vilified in our world, damn it.



Since content is king queen, what can the average Jane glean from a film and video company that could be useful, helpful, interesting, or even (gasp) thought-provoking? And how about niche Jane? The Jane that is a MarCom elite athlete, or the Jane that has been commissioning life-affirming documentaries for over 20 years who already knows everything about motion storytelling?

The answer, my answer (after an embarrassingly long time devoted to thinking about little else – other than whether I loved my gluten-free morning pancakes because I splurged on fancy mix, or because two weeks of eating GF-food has made me an insufferable idiot) is that this blog will seek to do what our video work does: to make you feel something. Something, anything. Happy, frustrated, inspired, sad, exalted, angry, motivated. We commit to making this blog page intimate and personal. We’ll offer a glimpse into an industry and a company that we love. We’ll share our thoughts and ideas on things that matter to us, and maybe if we’re lucky, things that matter to you, too. And like all great storytelling, the message will be shaped as much by the audience as by the storyteller so please talk back. Engage us. Ask questions. Challenge us. Throw pie (mixed berry, please) at us, or privately champion us from your corner of the world. The point is to interact with us, however you wish. This extroverted introvert will thank you for it, regardless of which type of Jane you are.

Inaugural blog post complete. I hope this entry made you feel at least one thing: happy I embrace brevity.

Until next time,


¹ Ok, admittedly, I made that up. Canadians love everything.

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