The Colour Of Music - SandBay Entertainment
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The Colour of Music unpacks inequities in the music industry through intimate first-person accounts from women and gender diverse independent artists who identify as part of queer, black, Indigenous, and people of colour communities.

Their intersectional identities inform their creative process and shape their music in an industry where authenticity is rare. These identities – the very thing they most value and prioritize – often present as their biggest obstacle, particularly when examined through the dated lens of the predominantly male, white, cis, and heteronormative music industry. There are successful QTBIPOC artists currently thriving in the music industry, but they are few and far between. Dated business models, created and defended largely by cis-gendered white men, dictate rules of engagement and success. This control extends to the gatekeepers booking acts for music venues and festivals, and to radio music directors who have long-held the power to influence their listening public. But beneath this force-fed soundtrack of our lives exist a handful of burgeoning musical artists carving a different path. These artists are redefining success by valuing collaboration over competition. They support each other’s creative development through skill-sharing, mentorship, organizing grassroots events to connect with their fans, and actively create safe spaces focused on inclusivity where girls+ and women+ can be their authentic selves and share their passion for music in safe environments.

The Colour of Music is a story of hope that weaves intersectional voices of perseverance, each anchored in collaboration, mentorship, and support. It is a celebration of differences and music expression that will transcend discrimination and inspire disenfranchised aspiring artists to seize their destiny and sing their truths.

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