The Fruit Machine Vancouver Premiere - SandBay Entertainment
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The Fruit Machine Vancouver Premiere

Beautiful Vancouver delivered a packed house of cinephiles for the screening of The Fruit Machine during the 2018 Vancouver Queer Film Festival. This year marked the 30th anniversary of this iconic festival and To the Moon and Back was a perfect theme to capture the body of work they have championed over three decades.

The screening was hosted by Stephanie Goodwin, the Executive Director of Out on Screen. If you don’t know Out on Screen, check them out. “We believe that film has the power to change lives and shape social landscapes.” ← All the yes to this.

The post-screening Q&A delivered engaging conversation and the SandBay team was honoured to have two survivors of the LGBTQ+ purge campaign present on stage: Wayne Davis and D’Arcy Gauthier.

Representing SandBay at the fest were Sarah Fodey (Writer/Director), Han Nguyen (Producer), and Amanda Barakat (Production Manager).

(Oh and a very cool stop-motion short film preceded the screening called Button Out! by filmmaker Kathleen Mullen. Definitely worth seeking out.)

Thanks for the memories and the hospitality, VQFF!

In thanks and respect,

-the SandBay team

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