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Hinterland Who’s Who

Over my ten-year career in storytelling for the screen, I have had that pleasure of collaborating with Hinterland Who’s Who, a national legacy that has informed and entertained Canadians on wildlife and their habitats for over 50 years. From communicating to the public how cool beavers are, to providing a call-to-action to help endangered species like the Right Whale and hundreds of species in-between, CWF and HWW have left their mark on Canada since 1963.


Not only has HWW left this indelible footprint on the lives of many, but it holds a special place in my heart.  Producing and directing these PSAs with awesome clients, crew, and cast year-after-year has taken me outside of my city comfort zone and placed me in beautiful remote areas of Canada. I have learned about all types of beautiful fauna and flora that surround our wonderful country.  The memories and challenges have been endless.


The most recent collaboration?  Working with HWW on adapting their Raven PSA into six Indigenous languages.  From script translation and adaptation, to casting, recording, and editing, it has been a great learning experience and pleasure to hear some of the beautiful Indigenous languages of our country.

To watch the PSAs and get a glimpse behind-the-scenes, check out CBC’s feature story here.

Also, watch for new PSAs coming out next year at HWW.ca as we are set to begin filming on two new species this summer! And when you hear the iconic flute, know that you’re about to watch a little piece of Canadiana that we lovingly help bring to life.






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