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Our Story

For nearly two decades, SandBay has thrived at the nexus of video and storytelling. We build relationships that last by prioritizing excellence, creativity, and collaboration. We value research, the power of well-crafted writing, beautiful imagery, and thoughtful editing and sound design. Our gaze is diverse, inclusive, intersectional, poetic, and fun.

Services and Values

SandBay is a full-service, bilingual storytelling resource that believes in the importance of assembling the right team of creative and technical thought leaders to expertly shepherd its projects. From creative ideation to final delivery and distribution, our desire is to tell great stories that play to the inherent strength of the moving picture medium – the art of feel. SandBay is steadfast in its commitment to entertain, educate, inspire, and move audiences. SandBay believes in the power of diversity, ethical behavior, and the interconnectedness of all things to unlock sustainable solutions for the future. As a media company specialized in motion picture storytelling, our mission is to tell stories that matter for the well-being of people and the planet. We are committed to connecting the dots to draw a more sustainable future.






SandBay is owned and operated by its two principals: Sarah Fodey and Han Nguyen. SandBay is a certified women’s business enterprise (WBE Canada), certification number CA00001243. SandBay is also a LGBT+ certified supplier with Canada’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce, certification number 121534. SandBay also holds a Supply Arrangement with the Government of Canada for video production. Supply Arrangement number EN578-190376/026/CX.


Sarah Fodey

Partner, Producer & Writer

Han Nguyen

Partner, Producer & Director

Amanda Barakat

Producer, Project Manager, and Director

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